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Germany Michael Jackson Dangerus Tour

Dangerous Tour
Pyrotechnics are an important element of the show, 4 people handle over 500 shots a night, the noise effects are comparable to a TNT explosion bringing down a 3 storey building.
Pyritz Pyrotechnics Group. LLC, the US company who have worked on every Michael Jackson tour, safety is of prime concern, and their safety record proves it. The stage may well look like it's totally destroyed, but no damage actually occurs.
In German law a local pyrotechnic company have to working all  pyrotechnics effects instead the US based company.
Prinz Grossfeuerwerke GmbH, a 80 year old company and I joint the responsibility to manages all facets of the event from conception to completion. We address every element regarding the pyrotechnics, flame, low smoke, confetti and other effects used in production as well as a spectacular fireworks display!

The Dangerous World Tour was the second worldwide concert tour by American superstar Michael Jackson as a solo artist, covering Europe, South America, Mexico and Asia from June 27, 1992 to November 11, 1993. The tour, sponsored by Pepsi-Cola, who also sponsored Jackson's previous tour, included 69 concerts to 3.9 million fans. The tour grossed up approximately $125 million and all profits were donated to various charities including the new Heal the World Foundation that was set up by Jackson.

During the tour's third leg in 1993, Jackson decided to end the tour due to, as he announced, illness which ultimately resulted in hospitalization. Jackson had become dependent on painkillers and suffered from dehydration, migraines, back aches, frequent ankle injuries and stress.
Tour Date in Germany:
June 27, 1992 Munich Germany
Olympic Stadium
July 11, 1992 Cologne Germany
Mungersdorfer Stadium
August 28, 1992 Frankfurt Germany
August 30, 1992 Ludwigshafen Germany   
Southwest Stadium
September 2, 1992 Bayreuth Germany
Volks Stadium
September 4, 1992 Berlin Germany
Jahn Stadium

Olympic Stadium
The stage used for the tour required more time to set up than before. This was seen in the tour schedule where a considerable number of concerts were one-stop performances. Equipment, which in total weighed over 100 tons, required two Boeing 747 jet aircrafts and multiple lorries to transport to each venue.
For the tour's design, Jackson was influenced by the uniform worn in the military. For "Jam", the first performance on the tour's set list, Jackson wore two variations of a faux-military uniform. Costumes worn for the performances of "Workin' Day and Night", "Bad", as well as his later HIStory World Tour, were examples of this. During the first and second leg, the uniform included a gold leotard and black trousers. For the third leg, Jackson wore a black uniform with three gold bolted straps, one going from his collar to his waist in one direction and the other two in another.
Each concert also began with a illusion-like stunt dubbed "the Toaster" in which following the ringing of bells and the roar of a panther, Jackson catapults on to the stage through a trap door in the front, sending off pyrotechnics and electrifying the crowd.
Firework at the end of the show
Each concert on the tour ended by a stuntman dressed in a full astronaut costume (therefore appearing as Jackson) flying out of the arena using a rocket belt.
When disappeared an announcer said: "Michael Jackson has left the stadium", and the concert was over, with ending in a firework display.
Display setup outdoor firework
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