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Germany Rolling Stones Tour

The Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels Tour was a concert tour which was launched in North America in August 1989 to promote the band's album Steel Wheels; it continued to Japan in February 1990, with ten shows at the Tokyo Dome. The European leg of the tour, which featured a different stage and logo, was called the Urban Jungle Tour; it ran from May to August 1990.
The tour was an enormous financial success, cementing The Rolling Stones' return to full commercial power after a seven-year hiatus in touring marked by well-publicized acrimony among band members.
In German law a local pyrotechnic company have to working all pyrotechnics effects instead the US based company. 
Prinz Grossfeuerwerke GmbH, a 80 year old company and I joint the responsibility to manages all facets of the event from conception to completion. We address every element regarding the pyrotechnics, flame, low smoke, confetti and other effects used in production as well as a spectacular fireworks display see listed below.
Tour date in Germany
23/05/1990 Niedersachsenstadion - Hannover, West Germany
24/05/1990 Niedersachsenstadion - Hannover, West Germany
26/05/1990 Waldstadion - Frankfurt, West Germany
27/05/1990 Waldstadion - Frankfurt, West Germany
30/05/1990 Müngersdorfer Stadion - Cologne, West Germany
31/05/1990 Müngersdorfer Stadion - Cologne, West Germany
02/06/1990 Olympiastadion - Munich, West Germany
03/06/1990 Olympiastadion - Munich, West Germany
06/06/1990 Olympiastadion - West Berlin, West Germany
13/08/1990 Radrennbahn Weißensee, East Berlin, East Germany
14/08/1990 Radrennbahn Weißensee, East Berlin, East Germany
16/08/1990 Parkstadion - Gelsenkirchen, West Germany
The stage was designed by Mark Fisher with participation of Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger. Lighting design was by Patrick Woodroffe.
Canadian promoter Michael Cohl made his name buying the concert, sponsorship, merchandising, radio, television, and film rights to the Steel Wheels Tour. It became the most financially successful rock tour in history up to that time. Rival promoter Bill Graham, who also bid on the tour, later wrote that "Losing the Stones was like watching my favourite lover become a whore."
Live 1
Many audio recordings exist of Rolling Stones concerts, both official and unofficial. Eight official concert albums (nine in the US) have been released by the band. There also exists an unreleased live album entitled Brussels Affair.
Live 2
Several of their concerts have also been filmed and released under a variety of titles, such as Stones in the Park which records the band's performance at Hyde Park in 1969.
Live 3
The most famous and heavily documented of all the band's concerts was the Altamont Free Concert at the Altamont Speedway in 1969. For this concert, the biker gang Hells Angels provided security, which resulted in a fan, Meredith Hunter, being stabbed and beaten to death by the Angels. Part of the tour and the Altamont concert were documented in Albert and David Maysles' film Gimme Shelter. As a response to the growing popularity of bootleg recordings, the album Get Yer Ya-Yas Out! (UK 1; US 6) was released in 1970; it was declared by critic Lester Bangs to be the best live album ever.
The biggest concert the band gave was in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , during the "Bigger Bang Tour" , in 2006. On February 2, 2011, the Rolling Stones released an official statement denying that they had made any plans for a 2011 tour.
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