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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

New Rear Spoiler Design

Designed to fit my vehicle, the by Top-Spoiler custom-made spoiler fit the automobile perfectly, adding distinct image that is hard to forget. However, a well-designed spoiler can enhance vehicle's exterior as well as improve its maneuverability! I equip my Mercedes with rear and front spoiler to reach maximum performance and style, reduce drag as well as increase fuel economy!
New Design Spoiler
Fortunately, aerodynamics are of little importance at legal speeds off  Thailand highways. But it can be critical on the racetrack or if I happen to test the limits of the car on a vacation in Germany.
Stest Installation
You need to know what you are doing. What looks fast and aerodynamic often is not, and real car people know what is for go and what is for show. Another fact not many know is that spoiler doesn't stop at the quarter panels its goes all the way down to the frame rails!
Test Installation
The test was significant because the spoiler marks the first major change. "I liked the way the car drove," I said after testing. "It drove different on corner exit". I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it may have had a little feel like the old car in some scenarios. You can tell it has less drag because they made it a little bit bigger and wider.
The custom designed spoilers are made of fiberglass. These lightweight materials are used to enhance the maneuverability at high speeds. Made of durable materials, they won't crack, sag, or separate.
The spoiler works as a compact and refined version of the Kammback, which is an abruptly cut off drop shape that was found to reduce drag and give better stability than drop-like tapered ends on cars. One big and controlled vortex behind the car causes less drag than a number of small vortexes that occur when the layered airstream from the vehicle joins the surrounding air.
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