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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann


In 1993, I get to Thailand as a tourist to kicked back and relax! Koh Samui... (occasionally spelled Ko Samui) is an island of natural beauty and charm, a place where you can have your holiday anyway you like it, kicked back and relaxed or active and fast-paced.
Beautiful white sand beaches, clean, clear warm water; lush tropical gardens and gentle ocean breezes await you at this ideal holiday destination. If you love the beach, this is the place for you! But this all alteration as I visit the owner of the Green Mango Club. The biggest club of the island just has started with the construction and hi be happy to have me as a consultant to take the club in the height's standard as possible.
I very excite and start in a temporary office on the construction site.
The foundation already, I design the electric city, light and sound system nobody has seen this on the island before
Concrete construction makes additions a little more complicated and can cost more than a basic wood house. But other construction factors remain relatively equal. Building times are more or less the same, depending on labor and weather conditions.
I developing our own techniques, hands-on, It’s pretty much unlimited in the way you can design it; While I stress the versatility of the material—that any kind of siding, trim or paneling that can be done with another material can be done with concrete.



The other three building that has started are done with the so-called tilt-up method, which is not as time-consuming as traditional methods. A total of 10 buildings will be done 9n the tilt-up way. Foundations and slab on grade are done the traditional way, but the walls are cast flat and later raised to vertical. Roof and internal steel construction support the wall system. To further save construction time, the roof's decking is constructed of pre-manufactured elements and clad with corrugated iron or wood shingles.


The Electric:
The Electric Utilities provides safe, reliable and affordable electric service to homes and businesses in the Green Mango Club by:
Operating and maintaining the electric system facilities, which are nearly all underground; Constructing major and minor electric system additions and modifications; Extending temporary and permanent services; Installing and maintaining the streetlight system;
Providing after-hours troubleshooting, customer service, and duty response; Presenting customer education programs on electric safety; and Promoting conservation to help customers save energy and money and help protect the environment.

Over 10-kilometer Main-Power Cable:
The general-purpose alternating current (AC) electric power supply. The electricity, powerline, domestic power, wall power, line power, AC power, city power, street power, and grid power remotely controlled from the DOME (pictures on the right and below).

Daily power cuts, normal on the island, take less than 10 seconds to be back, supported by a large remote control generator! It happened that the whole island was without electricity, only the Green Mango Club and the bars were illuminated and business as usual.
Inside the dome, the Control-Center. First of his kind. All computer-controlled. Below the remote-controlled generator to support the Green Mango Club including the surrounding bars, the Sound System and the Show Lighting as well. Under construction of the noise proofed building!
The Club Building:
The roof construction had a traditional design. As it turned out in the construction phase, the roof was so high that it came in the approach area of the local airport. The aircraft approached directly over the roof and the air traffic control asked us to lower the roof.
Green Mango is famed for its iconic treehouse design, a huge open-air space featuring multiple bars and spacious dance floors, reached via wooden bridges passing over the Mango River. The rustic Green Mango design is inspired by the nature of the club’s island setting and is complemented by the latest sound systems, creative lighting, and contemporary music to produce one of the world’s most distinctive nightclubs.
More than just an iconic nightclub, Green Mango bears the distinction of having a whole party street named after it – Soi Green Mango on Chaweng Beach Road – and has given rise to its equally popular sister clubs, Sweet Soul and Mambo!
A giant tree looms by the entrance and the wooden floors and bars hint at the idea that the club is a tropical treehouse – albeit a treehouse with numerous bars, pool tables, big screens, live local and international DJs and the latest in sound and lighting technology.

The first, by the entrance, plays hip-hop and RnB. Pass through the bars and into the warehouse-like main structure and the look and atmosphere is much more like a nightclub, with techno, house and EDM music to suit. With the two areas competing with each other, both have their volume dials set to maximum.

Having no dress code, young holidaymakers rock up in summer dresses, sleeveless T-shirts and casual clothes. The Green Mango Club Samui is particularly popular with the tourist crowd, including both western and Asian visitors. It is not such a regular haunt for expatriates living on the island, but you will see a few local Thais there (some of whom are looking for more than just a dance). The club is largely open-plan, but roughly divided into two spaces. The Green Mango Club Samui has a look which combines natural with industrial, though possibly not intentionally. 

Big screens, pool games, giveaways, live shows, and games keep you entertained between sessions on the dance floor, and a range of drinks specials keep you going all night long.
Today the Green Mango Club Samui has been the most famous and iconic nightclub on the island for more than 29 years. The star attraction of Chaweng Beach’s nightlife, it gave its name to the street it effectively dominates – Soi Green Mango. It is a large, colourful, fun and lively place and an absolutely essential stop on any night of partying in Chaweng.
Let’s take a step inside…

More than just an iconic nightclub, Green Mango bears the distinction of having a whole party street named after it – Soi Green Mango on Chaweng Beach Road – and has given rise to its equally popular sister clubs, Sweet Soul and Mambo!

At Sweet Soul you can enjoy the best in Hip Hop and R&B and join the crowd on the dance floor, while over at Mambo, with its big screens showing live sports, a coffee bistro, an international menu and chill out tunes, you have the perfect spot to start and round off your night out.



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