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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

Front Bumper Restore

From the beginning on the front bumper make me headaches!

No doubt one of the 80s tuning-classics is the AMG version of the W126 model Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Not only did AMG make the W126 S-Class seriously quick with both engine, exhaust and suspension modifications, the looks of the SE and SEL were also enhanced by the German tuner.

AMG developed several body kits for the W126, starting with the first generation model 280SE / 500SEL that was made until 1985. The body kits that were made for the first generation W126 S-Class differed quite strongly from those for the post-1985 S-Classes. Also, there were US-versions of both first and second generation models and the second generation model also had a version meant for the Japanese market only.
After a long search I found a shop that could produce me a copy of the AMG front spoiler for the W126 from the year 1986.
This is a 1986 or 87 SEL (2nd generation) AMG spoiler! But I was looking forward too early, the spoiler did not have the correct dimensions! Communication problems, as usual in Thailand, had led to the coupe version has used as a pattern.
The main bumper behind the old spoiler cover is 2cm too big.
Ohhh Boy!!!! What the hell am I doing?

The question arises, what is the best way without the cost of producing simply write off. After much back and forth and many measurements I finally had a plan. I use the upper part of the old spoiler and the lower part of the new spoiler. I just had to find the right transition and separating the new spoiler on the lines along.

After separation of the new spoilers the old cover had to be adjusted.

The result was great, it went better than expected. Now it is time to assemble the finished conversion and check the dimensions. After a base coat of the new spoiler it was ready for testing.

I tested the spoiler at speeds up to 120 km/h. The fiberglass is known to hold up to 200 km/h if braced correctly. I am confident that it will hold up to my car's current maximum speed.

The next step! Bodyshop! I know Top-Spoiler in Bangkok how design the back spoiler for my car. Excellent work by the way! I've just never heard of anyone having bodywork done there. Website doesn't show bodywork repairs either, but have spoken to them, now I know it better.

 At the end it is all about looks, nothing else.

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