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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

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Review of F.J. Belinfante, 'Measurement and Time Reversal in Objective Quantum Theory' (1975), in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 30, 187-191 (1979).
H.R.B. and M.L.G. Redhead: 'A critique of the disturbance theory of indeterminacy in quantum mechanics', Foundations of Physics 11, 1-20 (1981).
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'The insolubility proof of the quantum measurement problem', Foundations of Physics16, 857-870 (1986).
Review of J. Hendry, 'The creation of quantum mechanics and the Bohr-Pauli debate' (1984), in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 37, 497-506 (1986).
'The problem of measurement in quantum mechanics: an evaluation of existing insolubility proofs' (in Portuguese), Cadernos de História e Filosofia da Ciência (Brazil) 9, 5-33 (1986).
Review of A. Fine, 'The shaky game. Einstein, realism and the quantum theory', in American Journal of Physics 56, 571-573 (1988).
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'Discussion: Does the principle of relativity imply Winnie's (1970) equal passage times principle?', Philosophy of Science 57, 313-324 (1990).
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1993 paper 'Correspondence, Invariance and Heuristics in the Emergence of Special Relativity' (see above) republished in J. Butterfield, M. Hogarth and G. Belot (eds.) Spacetime, International Research Library of Philosophy, Dartmouth Publishing Company, Sept. 1996.
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HRB and O. Pooley, 'The problem of induction from the perspective of physics', Manuscrito (Brazil) 22, 29-35 (1999).

Essay Review of "Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point", by H. Price (1996); Contemporary Physics 41(5), 335-336 (2000).

H.R.B. and O. Pooley, 'The origin of the spacetime metric: Bell's 'Lorentzian pedagogy' and its significance in general relativity', in Physics Meets Philosophy at the Planck Length, C. Callender and N. Huggett (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2001; pp. 256-272; e-print gr-qc/9908048; PITT-PHIL-SCI 00001385.
'The origins of length contraction: I the FitzGerald-Lorentz deformation hypothesis', American Journal of Physics 69, 1044-1054 (2001). E-prints: gr-qc/0104032; PITT-PHIL-SCI00000218
H.R.B. and Jos Uffink, 'The origin of time-asymmetry in thermodynamics: the Minus First Law', Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 32, 503-510 (2001). A slightly longer version of this paper is found in E-print: PITT-PHIL-SCI00000217.
O. Pooley and H.R.B. 'Relationism Rehabilitated? I: Classical Mechanics', British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 53, 183-204 (2002). E-print: PITT-PHIL-SCI00000220.

Portuguese translation of 38, with new introduction by H.R.B., in Fundamentos da Física 2. Simpósio David Bohm; O. Pessoa (ed.), Editora Livraria da Física, São Paulo, 2002.
H.R.B. and Katherine Brading, 'General covariance from the perspective of Noether's theorems', Diálogos (University of Puerto Rico) 79, 59-86, 2002. (Invited contribution to festschrift for Roberto Torretti.) E-print: PITT-PHIL-SCI00000821.

Christopher Timpson and H.R.B. "Entanglement and Relativity", in Understanding Physical Knowledge, R. Lupacchini and V. Fano (eds.), Preprint no. 24, Departimento di Filosofia, Università di Bologna, CLUEB, 2002.; pp. 147-166. quant-ph/0212140. 
"The non-relativistic limit of the Maxwell and Dirac equations: The role of Galilean and gauge invariance", with P Holland, Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 34, 161-187, 2003. PITT-PHIL-SCI00000999.
"Michelson, FitzGerald and Lorentz: the origins of special relativity revisited", Bulletin de la Société des Sciences et des Lettres de Lódz´, Volume LIII; Série: Reserches sur les Déformations, Volume XXXIX, pp. 23-35 (2003). e-print PITT-PHIL-SCI 00000987.

Katherine Brading and H.R.B. 'Symmetries and Noether's Theorems', in Symmetries in Physics: Philosophical Perspectives, K. Brading and E. Castellani (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2003; pp. 89-109.

H.R.B. and Peter Holland, 'Simple applications of Noether's first theorem in quantum mechanics and electromagnetism', American Journal of Physics 72 (1), 34-39 (2004). quant-ph/0302062.

H.R.B. and Peter Holland, "Dynamical vs. variational symmetries: Understanding Noether's first theorem", Molecular Physics, 102, (11-12 Spec. Iss), 1133-1139 (2004). PITT-PHIL-SCI 2194.

K. Brading and H.R.B. "Gauge symmetry transformations observed?"; to appear in British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 55, 645-665 (2004). PITT-PHIL-SCI 00001436.

H.R.B. and David Wallace, 'Solving the measurement problem: de Broglie-Bohm loses out to Everett', Foundations of Physics, 35, 517-540 (2005); quant-ph/0403094.
"Einstein's misgivings about his 1905 formulation of special relativity", European Journal of Physics, 26, S85-S90 (2005). (special Einstein issue).

Christopher J Timpson and H.R.B., 'Proper and Improper Separability'; International Journal of Quantum Information, 3(4), 679-690 (2005); quant-ph/0402094.

H.R.B. and O. Pooley, 'Minkowski space-time: a glorious non-entity'; in The Ontology of Spacetime, Dennis Dieks (ed.), Elsevier B. V. (2006), pp. 67-89. An earlier version is found in physics/0403088; PITT-PHIL-SCI 00001661.

H.R.B. and Christopher G Timpson, 'Why special relativity should not be a template for a fundamental reformulation of quantum mechanics'; to appear in Physical Theory and its Interpretation: Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Bub, W. Demopoulos and I. Pitowksy (eds.), Springer 2006; PITT-PHIL-SCI 2600.
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