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Germany Tina Turner Tour

Tina Turner turns 80

She rocked the stages of the world over five decades in her trademark sequin skirts and high heels. Tina Turner, the diva of soul and pop, left the music industry in 2009. On 2019 November 26, she turns 80.

The Foreign Affair Tour of 1990 was a concert tour in support of Tina Turner's album Foreign Affair, which sold more than 10 Million Records worldwide. A recorded video of a concert on this tour in Barcelona, Spain was released and titled "Do You Want Some Action". The tour surpassed a record established by The Rolling Stones by touring Europe with 121 shows, playing to more than 4 million fans in just 6 months.
Tour date in Germany
24/05/1990 Wildparkstadion - Karlsruhe
26/05/1990 Müngersdorfer Stadion - Cologne
27/05/1990 Olympic Stadium - Munich
29/05/1990 Waldbühne - Berlin
30/05/1990 Waldbühne - Berlin
31/05/1990 Waldbühne - Berlin
02/06/1990 Neckarstadion - Stuttgart
03/06/1990 Waldstadion - Frankfurt
04/06/1990 Niedersachsenstadion - Hanover
06/06/1990 Weseremshalle - Oldenburg
07/06/1990 Weseremshalle - Oldenburg
09/06/1990 Weserstadion - Bremen
19/06/1990 Westfalenhalle - Dortmund
20/06/1990 Westfalenhalle - Dortmund
21/06/1990 Grugahalle - Essen
25/08/1990 Weissensee - Berlin
26/08/1990 Hockenheimring - Hockenheim
02/09/1990 Zentralstadion - Leipzig
05/09/1990 Wildparkstadion - Karlsruhe
20/10/1990 Festhalle - Frankfurt
21/10/1990 Olympiahalle - Munich
22/10/1990 Sporthalle - Cologne
January 6 Tony Joe White-written Steamy Windows, the third single from Foreign Affair, hit #39 in the US; a little later it reached #13 in the UK.
In March it was reported that Tina´s new album had sold more copies in the UK than Private Dancer. It had gone quintuple-platinum in the UK and reached multiplatinum status in 14 countries selling millions of copies in Europe.

On April 27 the European Foreign Affair Tour kicked off in Antwerpen, Belgium. The tour became the biggest concert tour in Europe ever and it ended in Rotterdam on November 4. On June 28 she played at the Palace of Versailles and became the first female artist ever to perform there.

 Tina Turner
In August Look Me In The Heart, the fourth single release from Foreign Affair, hit #31 in the UK. In the US it reached #67 and on the Adult Contemporary charts #8. In October Be Tender With Me Baby reached UK #28.
The Foreign Affair Tour ended in November. Tina played altogether 125 shows to 3.5 million people which made her tour the biggest tour ever in Europe.
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