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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann


On 25th of February, Kuwait celebrates its National Day to mark the creation of Kuwait as a nation in 1961. On this day, the national celebrations include public meetings and get-togethers, firework displays and a spirit of celebration that imbues every Kuwaiti Public buildings are illuminated on the occasion and Kuwaitis, young and old, wear their national dress to participate in the festivities.
We created a fireworks display for the closing ceremony of the Kuwait National Day, which was fired music synchronously to a uniquely for this event composed.

Thanks to the exceptional features of the location Green Island, We staged the 10 minute long fireworks display in a 180° radius, which surrounded the audience leaving an impressive effect on them.
Patron of the event and commissioner of the fireworks display was H.H. Sheikha Fadyha Al-Sabah from the Kuwaiti Royal Family. The show design was created by Ralph Prinz. My self cared for the on site realization. The show itself no doubts counts as one of the most extensive productions accomplished by Grossfeuerwerke Prinz.
Three different firing lines created a three-dimensional effect. The positions were dived up into an aerial display line with 15 firing positions, 20 positions forming a line on the beach for special fireworks effects and 15 pontoons 80 meters from the audience creating the third line. All 1,600 effects were singularly fired and controlled per SMPTE time code. In so doing it was also possible to fire the aerial shells in rapid and dynamic waves and chases into the sky. 
We had specifically created new fireworks effects for this project, so called "weak break” effects, whose bouquet opens very slowly and therefore synchronously to the music. Further effects put to use were flying saucers, specially manufactured cylindrical shells, swimming Bengal flares, mines ascending from the water surface as well as water shells which when fired onto the water burst on the surface opening their semi-circular bouquet.
At around 9.30 pm today there was a major fireworks extravaganza on the Gulf Road towards the Scientific center. Everyone was caught unawares as the fireworks blasted across the night sky.
  The best and biggest fireworks available in Kuwait can be found at the Souq Al-Jum'a. At the Souq Al-Jum'a, a person can find a wide selection of fireworks varying from all shapes and sizes. The biggest size, which can hardly fit a car's trunk, can only be found at the Souq Al-Jum'a and are very expensive. These kinds of fireworks are only used in the desert as they are very dangerous and can cause lots of damage if used in a crowded area.    
Residents rushed out to catch the glimpse of the show, but most were just plain scared as hell as booms sounded off every second.
The complete equipment for this event was shipped from Germany to Kuwait. The fireworks effects are classified as dangerous goods and were shipped under stringent safety precautions.
Due to the very tight logistic time slot a C130 Hercules plane from the Kuwaiti Air force took over this part of the shipment.
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