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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

Mainframe Computer

We all know a PC, probably heard of supercomputers. But mainframes are not so known. When you watch television and see a movie with a big machine, or hear people talking to each other (at college) about a mainframe do you sometimes wonder what that is? What they are talking about?
Then this page is intended for you. This page is the first to explain what a mainframe is and how i evolved in my student history. Who were the pioneers and what companies were, and still are, involved. How did and how do they look like? On this page are a few pictures of my earliest mainframes works at the university.
CRAY Super Computer
digital DEC
Cray Today
IBM Today
Magnetic core and rope memory
48 Years of microchip
The world fastest supercomputer

How fast is a petaflop?
One petaflop also equals 150,000 computations for every human on the planet per second. The Sequoia is a petascale IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer with 20 petaflops, which equates to an astounding 3 million computations by every human on the planet each second. To put this number into perspective, if each of the 6.7 billion people on earth had a hand calculator and worked together on a calculation 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, it would take 320 years to do what Sequoia will do in one hour.
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