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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

Installation Details

Since 1955 the Documenta, an international exhibition of modern and contemporary art, has been held regularly in Kassel. The Documenta now takes place every 5 years! As a result of the Documenta 6 (1977), Kassel became the first town in the world to have been illuminated by LASER-beams at night (Laserscape, by artist Horst H. Baumann).

The light and communication designer Horst H. Baumann arranged the installation 'LASERSCAPE KASSEL - the first permanent laser sculpture worldwide' - in 1979. The Zwehrenturm from 1330 is a remain of Kassel's medieval defensive wall. Temporary it contained an observatory. Today the start point of the LaserScape

First Laser Installation 1979

The radiator of the Laser-Refrigeration-System
The Hercules Monument is located in Bad Wilhelmshöhe, on the Eastern ridge of the Habichtswald (7350 m distance from the Zwehrenturm). It was built in an artificial dell of the Karlsberg (526m above sea level) on the most western and at the same time highest location (515 m) of the line of sight Schloss Wilhelmshöhe - Hercules. The complete structure (Octagon & Cascades) are made of Tuff that was exhausted from stone pits nearby. This soft material has the advantage of good workability but weathers quickly, particularly by frost-related erosion. This rapid weathering process has been a structural issue for the statue in its 300 years of existence. In late 2005 a complete restructuring process of the entire monument, including the Hercules statue, was initiated. Completed in 2009 This laser project was recreated by Horst H. Baumann in 2007 with comprehensive support by LaserAnimation SOLLINGER. The company provided a specially developed laser technology for this event.
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