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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann


Come see my movie film gallery with examples from Super 8mm film transfer use an FlashScan8 from MWA-Nova Berlin.
The FlashScan8 is a digital film scanner capable of capturing Super 8 and Standard 8mm film in real time -- up to 25 frames per second. It uses three frame CCD image sensors to record the image and features an LED light array light source that provides uniform brightness across each frame.

The system can handle reversal (projection) films as well as modern motion picture negatives. It's possible to perform color correction without external hardware, and there's an integrated sound head to transfer synchronized sound tracks.

To make things more attractive, the FlashScan is modular, allowing you to add a remote controller. It can even be rack-mounted to save space.

The price? Around 30,000 euros, which puts it within reach of professional film conversion houses. 
Jet dragster 1980 (Super8mm-Film) Clip 0:29 1980 Braun NIZO 6080 Super8 Sound

Since the early 60’s jet dragsters and jet-powered funny cars have operated under the NHRA sanctioning body as an exhibition class. Unlike the earlier steam or rocket-powered cars, they have proven to be more safe and reliable while still delivering high-speed thrills and excitement.


Early innovators who shared the passion of jet racing worked out of their garages designing the first jet dragsters around a J-46 Westinghouse Turbo-Jet engine taken from the F 7U-3 Cutlass USN carrier planes.
Aircraft engines are naturally lightweight with a high horsepower potential, and drag car designers knew that this was the secret to speed: the more horsepower and less weight, the faster you go.
Jet cars of this era were heavy and cumbersome, yet they still had potential to reach top speeds of 240 to 400+ mph.
My first educational film "The Forest Ranger by the year" Clip 2:37  1981 Braun NIZO 6080 Super8 Sound
The film takes an interesting way into the fascinating world of the forest. Starting from the question of what the wood figure and the small beechnuts have to do with each other, the community forest will be explored. We get to know the benefits of forests for humans: it is the air filter and drinking water supplier, it offers recreation and relaxation. And he provides us with his wood an environmentally friendly raw materials.
What is the work of the forester, people who work in the forest, how they harvest the wood, which is also seen. The plot full circle in a factory for wooden toys. The film informs not exhaustive. Rather, he raises questions and to motivate yourself to go on an expedition in the forest, smell, feel, taste and observe. See also hunting!
Balloon Trip over the Allgäu Alps Clip 2:42 1981 Braun NIZO 6080 Super8 Sound
The Allgäu Alps, though certainly not one of the highest mountain groups of the Alps, is one of the most popular ones. In Germany it is probably number one in popularity, at least equal to the Wetterstein Group around Zugspitze.
Though mainly considered a German part of the Alps the Allgäu Alps on their southern side stretch out into Austria and about two fifth of the range are on Austrian territory.
Due to the moderate height of its mountains there are no glaciers in the group. You will find some permanent snow fields on some of the north faces, however. The range itself is rather varying in its appearance which might be one of the reasons for its popularity. The valleys have been used for cattle grazing for eternities and thus have a very open and sunny aspect. To the north you can find the Allgäu Prealps, high hills rising out of the pastures, which in themselves are interesting hiking destinations mainly because of the perfect views they offer into the higher parts of the group.
In 1976 I have stayed in Berlin and so I take a series of movie clips with my new Nizo 2056 Sound with magnetic sound recording directly on to the film. At this time a lot of steam locomotion working an in service.
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