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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

Rollei Slide Projector

In 1960, Rollei introduced its first slide projector, the P11. It included two slide trays: the left-hand tray was for 35 mm (5 cm×5 cm) slides, the right-hand tray was for medium format (7 cm×7 cm) slides. The Rollei Universal Projector sold for 398.60 DM, plus 97.50 DM for a standard lens. The P11 remained in production until 1978; many more projectors were subsequently added to the range, providing a major boost to Rollei's turnover.

This awesome projector is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take a close look at their photos without the need for making large prints!!! The quality, German-made design of this projector features a Heidosmat f/2.8 150mm lens along with a bright lamp to give you stunning clarity through truly superior optics!!! The wired remote control makes changing slides simple and the original soft carry case makes transporting easy!!! Made in Germany by Rollei, one of the most trusted names in quality cameras and photography equipment throughout the world!!!

The lens is so heavy that it needs mechanical support.

The Lamp comes in two version, 300 Watt or 500 Watt. The 500 Watt lamp need a secondary heat filter. The housing has a free insertion!

The P11 has an incandescent-projector lamp connected directly to the main power over a switch on the backside of the projector. You can replace it easily by taking the 110/120V lamp out and put a 220/240V lamp in.

Replacement high voltage lamp (!) For the legendary Rollei P11 of the first Rollei slide projector ever and the only one in the last millennium that could project KB & MF! Also suitable for all Liesegang Prokis of the first generation from the 60s and 70s. The lamp is equipped with the pin base G17q and available in the strengths of 300 watts.

Retrofit a P11 with 110/120V to 220/240V version!

To retrofit a Rollei P11, with a US standard main power connection 110/120Volt, to EU version with 220/240Volt, you have to look for the motor from the P11. The Motor support also the electrical controlling of the mechanic and remote control. The lamp has to replaced with an 220/240Volt version as well. Here are only a few steps to do.I explain it follows on. Good luck and fun with the conversion!

On eBay, I found a 220Volt module mechanic with motor... We need only the Motor!

Remove the bottom plate by unscrewing 4 screws on each corner. Take a look how 2 front support connects to the body. Remove the inner protection shield. Now you see the P11 inside with the motor. A few screws more open the second part of the lower housing. 4 on top an 2 in front of the bottom!

For the retrofit the projector from 110Volt to 220Volt we need to replace only the Motor and Lampe. The motor also has separated power outputs for the controls!

Unscrew the top nut at the bottom of the motor and the screw at the fan wheel on the end of the motor shaft. Let the fan wheel in the projector. Later on, we reconnect it to the new motor shaft. 

Now we take the old motor out! First, disconnect the two AC wire (blue) of the mean power on the selector wheel. Next, desolder the two wire on the rectifier (brown) and disconnect the green wire what going to the mechanical control components.

Now proceed in reverse order with the installation of the new motor. Don't forget to reconnect the fan wheel and adjust that it does not touch the housing!

Screw all together and put the new 220Volt Lamp in. Now the P11 is retrofit to use 220Volt AC Power.

Attention! We change to CSF220V/220V/300W/G17Q ANSI Part-Number 58-8597/220V OSRAM

The user manual in the German language!

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